The 5 Best UK Charity Websites, what makes them great + how to easily improve your site

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.19.15″ background_color=”rgba(131,0,233,0)”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.19.15″] The 5 Best UK Charity Websites, what makes them great + how to easily improve your site SPECIAL BONUS 1 – We tell you what to do to improve your charity site and how to get a discount on your new charity website or its re-development.SPECIAL BONUS 2 – […]

Hosting For Charity Websites

Hosting for your charity website is nothing short of crucial. There is always a temptation to cut corners but take it from me this is a route that will nearly always end in tears…..your tears. Whilst it is our principal focus these days to build charity websites it isn’t all that we do and we […]

A Guide To Live Streaming Your Charity Conference Or Event

Essential questions about live streaming an event or conference for charities. This simple and useful guide seeks to answer the common questions that we regularly get asked by our clients when they make their enquiries. What is Live Streaming? Live streaming or broadcasting is a method we use to show your conference or event live […]

SEO or Pay Per Click – A Free, Easy Comparison Method

So you have a website, it looks pretty and you probably paid someone plenty of hard earned money to build it for you? The chances are you are not getting much return from that investment because you or the people who built it for you have not carried out any appropriate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) […]

How To Take Better Ecommerce Photos & Sell More Products

It’s no mean feat getting someone to visit your website whether you have optimised for search engines or advertised in the media. Having made that investment whether it be time or money you want the best possible chance of making a sale from that visitor. There are many different factors that will determine whether it […]

3 BIG marketing tips for small business

Easy to follow, simple to execute (if you choose the right supplier) these simple tips will make your business stand out. Big Tip for a small business #1 Get yourself a belting logo and some cool stationery. Never ever underestimate the power of first impressions. Be proud to hand over your business card and make […]

Ecommerce checklist – How To Launch An Online Store Successfully

It’s all well and good wanting to launch an ecommerce website and believe me I don’t want to discourage the reader as that’s how we make our living. There are however a few factors which need to be considered along the way. Whilst the list below is not definitive it’s based upon our experience of […]

Content Management Platforms For Charities – Rated & Explained

If you are looking to have a new website built for your charity then spending 4 or 5 minutes to digest the content below may save thousands of pounds and countless hours of hair pulling. In writing this article I make the assumption that you are contracting the building of the website to an external […]