Easy to follow, simple to execute (if you choose the right supplier) these simple tips will make your business stand out.

Big Tip for a small business #1

Get yourself a belting logo and some cool stationery. Never ever underestimate the power of first impressions.

Be proud to hand over your business card and make sure your letterheads rock.

It might sound frivolous to point out but do not lose sight of the values of your business. A well designed logo on a beautifully crafted business card can convey so much about you, the values that your company is striving to portray and your ability to deliver them. These values can include price, style and your position in the market. It can make a bold statement and demonstrate confidence. An eye catching letterhead for your invoices and proposals will mean you stand out from the crowd, the benefit might mean you get paid earlier as the invoice is memorable or that you win a vital contract as your proposal stands out.

Big Tip for a small business #2

Do not scrimp on your website. Everybody uses the web as an early reference point. It is at this point that you can win or lose a customer in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. If a customer has a choice where to buy the product or service they don’t need much excuse to move on to the next supplier.

Make your website compelling, informative and well designed and you might just retain their attention for long enough to turn them into a customer. Make it the best in class and it will be become the largest single sales tool you can possess.

Take a look at your site with the most critical of eyes and ask yourself “is it brilliant?”. If the answer is no then do something about it without delay.

Website improvements are probably a lot cheaper than you imagine they are. Call us 01642 913525 and we will happily appraise your site over the phone. If you are honest enough to give us a budget we will also give you a clear plan of action to make your website work harder for you straight away.

Big tip for a small business #3

Don’t make the most elementary mistake of breaking a promise. One of the biggest factors in customer loyalty is the consistency of experience. Customers like to be communicated with but if you say that their product will be delivered on a given date then bust your nuts to make sure it is.

Do whatever you can to make sure you do not let a deadline slip or a job miss its deadline.

You will be gaining trust, loyalty and a great field sales person. On the other hand if you miss deadlines without warning and don’t meet expectations the customer will certainly let others know very quickly what they can expect from you. This is something that must be avoided, particularly in a business that depends on local trade. If you don’t believe me just think about the last bad restaurant meal you had and who you told about it.

Free evaluation of your website.

We would love to give your website the noovo check over. We will cast our eye on your website and let you know what we think.