Essential questions about live streaming an event or conference for charities. This simple and useful guide seeks to answer the common questions that we regularly get asked by our clients when they make their enquiries.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming or broadcasting is a method we use to show your conference or event live to an audience that can be spread all over the globe. We capture the event on HD cameras and together with the highest grade sound we then mix live at the event with a portable TV producer set up and then use powerful, scalable servers that deliver the content to the audience no matter how many people are watching or where they are based.

Why should i live stream my conference or event?

Firstly, by broadcasting your event or conference you are opening up the audience far beyond the scale that you can achieve in any auditorium. Even the smallest venue doesn’t restrict the global possibilities with anything between one and one million people being catered for in a single broadcast.

This is not just a numbers game and many of our clients choose to use live streaming to widen the engagement. We have found this to be extremely popular for charities that support those people with a condition that makes travelling to the event difficult or impossible.

Secondly by offering live stream access to your event you can soon raise significant revenue for your organisation. When a 1000 subscribers sign up and pay between £/$50 and £/$200 then it does not take a genius to see that with a very low outlay creating an income of many thousands of pounds or dollars is suddenly a reality. In fact we are yet to find a project that we have been involved in that hasn’t created significant revenue for the organisation involved.

How do Noovo Live stream?

Noovo have built their live stream product on a flexible and portable set up. This makes us a viable option for any event in Europe, USA or Canada. We utilise the very latest technology in cameras, servers and production software. This allows us to use a smaller team and therefore keep our costs to an industry setting level.

We use a 4 camera set up which feeds into our production software along with audio from our own microphone or preferably from the house audio system. We then produce the programs live in the auditorium adding captions, showing slides and cutting between our various camera angles to offer the viewer an enhanced and engaging experience.

The broadcast is then uploaded directly to incredibly powerful servers which send the broadcast to virtually any amount of viewers.

Do i need a special website?

The short answer is no you don’t need a special website. We can take broadcasts through our own site and even build a payment sections that you can offer to your audience. This method is popular with smaller organisations who are not building a specific website for their conference or event and whose budgets are small.

We do offer a full turnkey product for you to market and sell out your conference. For the majority of our clients we build a bespoke website that allows you to sell physical and virtual tickets.

This solution even provides the user with full account functions so they can print their own ticket for scanning at the event as well as allowing all streaming viewers instant access, even allowing them to register during the event.

How do we raise revenue?

You raise revenue through live streaming just the same way as if you were selling “bum on seat” tickets for an event, just without the costs associated.

If you have 50,000 names on your marketing list and could sell to just 2% of the list you would raise £50,000 at a very low sale price of £50.

Do you need an internet connection?

Yes, this is imperative. At your event venue you will need to make arrangements for a dedicated internet connection.

The higher quality and faster the connection the better the quality of of upload and therefore the better the quality of the download by your subscriber.

Under our guidance this will be your responsibility and this forms part of our terms and conditions. Please be aware that some venues may charge for this separately.

Do we have to be a charity?

Not all our clients are charities, in fact far from it but only charities receive a full 30% discount on our products and services. Only charities receive preferential rates on the build of a conference marketing website and only charities will receive full marketing support when they don’t have a professional in the organisation already doing that for them.

In which countries do Noovo work?
Noovo have provided this service right across Europe, USA and Canada. We don’t operate exclusively in these areas but we do find it easier and experience allows us to predict very accurately what our costs will be in these countries.

Out side of this areas we may have to charge for translation services or additional insurance based on difficulty of travel.

Can you help us with our website?

Yes of course we can assist you with your website. Our reputation for building cost effective websites for charities is where our reputation was formed. Our business is equally split between broadcast services and building brilliant websites.

How many people can watch our broadcast?

The number of people that can watch a broadcast is virtually unlimited.

Our servers offer industry leading scalability and this allows you to have a risk free solution that can accommodate almost any volume of late surge in subscriptions.

Typically viewers run in their thousands and our system can handle unto 500,000 in a last minute surge. In a simple arrangement before the broadcast we agree with the client a window for subscriptions and after the appropriate deposit has been placed everything will be in place.

Do we need any special equipment?

You don’t require any special equipment. We will provide all equipment required to broadcast your conference or event.

How much can we charge to watch our conference?

This is always the big question. We would be happy to discuss this with you further. It is worth noting though that professionals will usually pay more than charity supporters. At some medical charity conferences where the doctors wish to view we have seen rates of 300 to 400 dollars or pounds easily charged. At the other end of the scale we find that £30 meets with very little resistance.

Are there any hidden costs?

We are a company that works with integrity and all the costs of our service are very transparent so that you can plan safely and effectively within your conference budgeting.

Do we have the broadcast afterwards to use?
After the event we will have available a copy of all recordings as they were broadcast. If you require these there will be a small processing fee for them to be supplied on a hard disc to you.

We do offer a separate recording facility whereby we record the conference separately from the broadcast. This allows our clients to make a separate, high quality edit of an event so the material can be used for alternative projects such as training videos, corporate videos and also aftersales of content.

Our experience tells us that charities can typically raise an additional 25-40% in secondary sales after the conference has completed.

Can we have the files after the conference for our own use?

Yes please see above

How do we add graphics to our broadcast?

We can add graphics during the broadcast. This might be logos, sponsors messages or presentational slides. In order to do this we must receive all graphics in a our specified format 2 weeks before the event. We can create graphics on your behalf, please enquire for rates on this service.

Can we broadcast pre recorded video?

Yes you can broadcast pre recorded video as a live broadcast. This is very useful when a speaker cannot attend the conference but their content is still required. We are experts at pre recording conference speeches for broadcast and we can provide this service to anyone at a very reasonable rate.

Are slides available to the audience?

If a speaker can provide their slides in the appropriate format we can make them available for download during their presentation and we can additionally show them to the viewing audience as part of our broadcast following the presentation as it is made in the venue.

Slides must be provided in our requested format at least 2 weeks before the event if you would like them included.

Technical support

We provide technical support commensurate with the conference, number of subscribers and the fee you have charged your online delegates. Support methods include email, chat room during the event which we moderate but you have full access to if you wish.

How do we enquire about your services and find our more about costs?

If you can complete the form below fully we will be able to provide you with an estimate very quickly. If this is acceptable we will be able proceed to a full written quotation and contract. We know there are lots of questions but they are all important so we thank you in advance for answering carefully and fully.

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