Discover How Tiny Changes Can Make a Big Difference: The Theory of Marginal Gains and Improving Online Stores

Hey there! Have you ever tried to get better at something, like a sport or a game, and found that making just a tiny improvement helped a lot? That’s what the theory of marginal gains is all about. Let’s dive into this cool idea and see how with help from Noovo we can help make your online store better and get more people to buy stuff.

What is the Theory of Marginal Gains?

Imagine this:

You have a puzzle, and each piece you add makes the picture clearer. The theory of marginal gains is like putting together that puzzle, but instead of each piece being a part of a picture, each is a small improvement in something you want to get better at.

Tiny Improvements Add Up:

This theory says that if you make lots of small improvements (let’s say 1%), these tiny changes can add up to a big improvement overall.

Fun Fact: Dave Brailsford, a British cycling coach, used this theory to help his team win lots of races. He believed that if they made small improvements in many areas, it would lead to huge gains in performance.

Applying Marginal Gains to an Online Store’s Conversion Rate

Now, let’s apply this idea to improving the conversion rate of an e-commerce website. Remember, the conversion rate measures how many visitors actually buy something from the online store. Even small improvements in many areas can make a big difference!

Improve Website Speed

A fast website makes people happier because they don’t have to wait for pages to load.

Tiny Improvement: Reduce image sizes by 1%.
Example: If your images load faster, people won’t get bored and leave before seeing what you have to offer.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Imagine walking through a store where everything is organised nicely. You find what you need quickly and easily.

Tiny Improvement: Make the menu clearer and easier to understand by 1%.
Example: If people can find products quickly, they are more likely to stay and buy something.

Use Great Product Photos

Good pictures can make a big difference. People like to see what they are buying.

Tiny Improvement: Improve the quality of your product photos by 1%.
Example: Better photos can show off your products more effectively and make them look more appealing.

Write Better Product Descriptions

Let’s say you describe your lemonade as “fresh and tasty.” People know what to expect and are more likely to want it.

Tiny Improvement: Make descriptions clearer and more exciting by 1%.
Example: If descriptions help people understand what makes your product special, they will be more likely to buy it.

Add Customer Reviews

People like to know if others enjoyed a product before they buy it.

Tiny Improvement: Get 1% more customer reviews.
Example: More positive reviews can build trust and encourage others to buy.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Imagine checking out at a store with no lines and friendly cashiers. You’ll want to come back!

Tiny Improvement: Make the checkout process smoother by 1%.
Example: Less complicated steps at checkout mean people can buy things quickly and easily without getting frustrated.

Putting It All Together

By making lots of small improvements on your e-commerce website, each by about 1%, you can see a big difference in the number of people who buy something. It’s like adding more pieces to the puzzle – each tiny change helps complete the picture of a successful online store.

Real-Life Example

Let’s say you run a website that sells cool gadgets for kids. Here’s how small changes can help:

Speed up the website: Kids and parents can quickly see all the cool stuff without waiting.
Easy navigation: They find the most popular gadgets without getting lost.
Better photos: The gadgets look awesome in clear, fun pictures.
Great descriptions: They understand what makes each gadget cool and fun.
Customer reviews: They see that other kids love the gadgets too.
Smooth checkout: They can get their new toys with just a few clicks.
By improving each of these little things just a bit, you’ll make it much more likely that visitors to your site will buy something, all thanks to the power of marginal gains!

So, remember, lots of tiny changes can add up to big success. Next time you want to improve at something, think about how small improvements in many areas can help you get there. Noovo Creative are experts at this method of website improvement and can guide you through the process and lead you to e-commerce success.