It’s no mean feat getting someone to visit your website whether you have optimised for search engines or advertised in the media. Having made that investment whether it be time or money you want the best possible chance of making a sale from that visitor.

There are many different factors that will determine whether it is you or one of your competitors that gets the customers dosh but an easy way of beating off the competition and putting yourself ahead in the queue is to ensure you don’t just have good product photography but that you have stunning product photography.

There are several benefits to having the best possible imagery on your site:

  1. Your site will look better instantly to a site visitor, it may be the difference between them staying and leaving in those crucial first few seconds. Does it entice, does it draw the user in?
    Credibility will be boosted if you have high quality, original product images. It makes the user believe you have taken the time to consider their needs and if you stay away from imagery supplied to you on disc it will also make your site look more like a major player and someone more trust worthy.
  2. Lastly and most importantly it allows the potential customer to see more clearly what it is they may be about to whip out the debit card for. Clear and detailed pictures shot appropriately will not only convert you more sales but will also ensure you get less returns due to unsatisfied customers. In some cases it even makes the product more desirable and allows you to charge a premium. It’s a win, win, win, win situation.
  3. Many people have a digital camera and are prepared to have a go but really that should be left to the enthusiastic ebayer. If you take your online shop seriously and want to make more sales then it really is worth considering making much more of the way you display products within your store.

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