Shopify Combined Listings App – First thoughts

Today, I’m taking a look at the Shopify Change Log to see what catches my eye.

One noteworthy update is the new Shopify Combined Listings app.

This app addresses the issue of Shopify’s 100-variant limit. For instance, if you have a product that sells shorts in various colors, sizes, and features, the combinations can easily exceed 100 variants, making it impossible to list them all.

Shopify’s solution is the Combined Listings app, which consolidates individual products, such as purple shorts, green shorts, and yellow shorts, into a single product listing.

An added benefit of this app is its SEO value. Each product variant retains its own title, description, and images. When integrated with a compatible theme, selecting an option (like yellow shorts) will update the description and image accordingly, thus overcoming the 100-variant limit.

Currently, this app is available only on Shopify Plus and Enterprise Commerce Plans. However, as with many Shopify features, it is likely that this app will eventually become available on more plans over time.

This new feature seems beneficial for many stores, not only from an SEO perspective but also for enhancing usability and streamlining product listings.

Products will still maintain their individual product pages, but with Combined Listings, they can be brought together to create a more cohesive buying experience from a single product details page.