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“Not only have Noovo done a brilliant job of producing all our branding and collateral materials they have also been able to supplement the work with simply stunning photography of London that keeps on bringing comments from our clients and competitors” – Richard Morgan , Clarendon House Capital.

Stunning photography is vital if you want a brilliant website. Feel free to select mediocre if you want but it’s not what we at Noovo believe in.

These are not just hollow words. Noovo’s directors Robert and Brian first worked together as team to design, produce and sell the work of international landscape photographer Joe Cornish. Joe inspired both of us to think about photography and a few years later when frustrated with the quality of work supplied to our clients we decided to invest in some decent equipment and have a go ourselves.

The rest as they say is history. Something that came from frustration has now developed into a passion that even created a separate photography business in Holden and Jones.

The benefit of all this is that our clients websites look great, their products are photographed beautifully and they sell more as a result. Take a look at Clarendon House Capital as a great example with all landscape photography in their materials produced by Noovo.

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